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Toddler Room

2-3 years old

Toddler Room 2-3 years old

Toddlers is a busy little ‘hub’ full of activity and fun. From singing to dancing to building to baking and of course getting messy. These little ones are always very active and creative. An important part of the toddler room is a wonderful purpose built sensory area with indoor grass, picket fence and sensory stimulating equipment and lighting. An area important for relaxing and quiet time during a busy day. Toddlers also have a large, spacious outdoor garden area fully equipped with soft flooring, sunken trampoline, play houses, climbing frames and outdoor group time area. Being so busy it is important that our little ones get all the rest they need so toddlers have a designated rest time where children can recharge and get ready for some afternoon fun.

Toilet training can be a challenging time for any parent but here at Petite Feet we help share the experience by adopting the same routine followed at home. Children are rewarded and guided through toilet training using reward charts, stickers etc and help them move onto the next stage when they feel ready. Child sized toileting facilities as well as nappy changing area is provided in the toddler room with designated handwashing and teeth brushing areas to promote self-care and independence.

Getting messy in toddlers is an everyday must. It is all about exploring textures, colours, materials and allowing them to express themselves through messy art. We have a dedicated messy play area that is available to the children throughout the day with activities regularly changed and rotated. There is everything from paint to sand to water to homemade playdough to colouring.

At this age it is important to encourage social interaction and so group time is an important part of the routine. Toddlers do story time, song time, learning of colours and numbers and age appropriate flashcards. We often have visitors to enhance this learning such as Jo Jingles and storytellers to name a few.

  • All rooms use MyNurseryPal App, allowing you to login and see how your child is enjoying their day.
  • All rooms are aromatherapy diffused, encouraging calm, reducing stress in our little ones and encourage sleep times in designated cot rooms.