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Pre-school Room

3-4 years old

Preschool Room, 3 to School-Age

Pre-school is all about encouraging your child to become more independent and use their imagination. The highly trained preschool staff integrate the NI Preschool Curriculum into the daily routine and layout of the room to develop and grow those skills and knowledge needed for starting Primary 1.

Their fun day in preschool includes imaginative role play where the children can become anything from spacemen to doctors to princesses. There is a dedicated role play area where imagination can grow and develop, and the area transforms into a world full of adventure. As also included in toddlers, preschool have their own indoor sensory garden area. This area has sensory equipment and toys, LED controlled lighting, soft furnishings and indoor grass. An area very important for those chilled, relaxing moments after a long day playing and growing.

Developing friendships and blossoming relationships is at the core of pre-school and so group time helps create these moments. The children learn about colours, numbers, phonics and flashcards in a fun educational way with their friends. Learning is also incorporated through messy play where the children get time to express themselves creatively through art and craft. Preschool have their own messy room where all the fun happens, and children are also able to bring natural materials from outside into the messy room to create their masterpieces as well as paint, homemade play dough, water and sand to name a few.

At this age the pre-schoolers love to get outdoors and explore their surroundings so their outdoor garden area with bikes, scooters and climbing frames is perfect for all that running, jumping and climbing. No matter the weather preschool love getting outdoors so wellies and raincoats are a must in this room. Preschool also get to venture out on nature walks and trips to explore the wider world and learn about the world around us. Being outside has no limits and sometimes pre-schoolers bring their indoors outdoors and have group time and snack time outside in the natural environment.

  • All rooms use MyNurseryPal App, allowing you to login and see how your child is enjoying their day.
  • All rooms are aromatherapy diffused, encouraging calm, reducing stress in our little ones and encourage sleep times in designated cot rooms.