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Baby & Infant Room

8 weeks-2 years

Baby Room/Infant Room 8 weeks-2 years

Baby/Infant room provides a wealth of opportunities for movement and exploration at an age where the world around us is most exciting and intriguing. A carefully planned routine providing opportunities to develop physically, expand senses, explore the arts and develop relationships all helps in enabling babies/infants to connect with their environment and others as well as reaching their own personal milestones. The baby/infant rooms are split into two separate rooms with a soothing cot room available for those sleepy babies needing to rest during the busy day. Music and relaxing LED controlled mood lighting helps to create a calming atmosphere.

Babies range from 8 weeks to 12 months with infants from around 12 months to 2 years. Each room will allow for physical movement from sitting up and crawling in babies to walking and running in infants and all of these special moments are celebrated and praised daily by the dedicated baby/infant staff.

Meal times are catered for through all stages of weaning, preferences and allergies and each child is encouraged to experiment and develop that all important ‘feeding themselves’ skill. Nappy changing is carried out in the beautifully decorated separate changing areas with in-built storage for every child’s belongings to keep them safe and children can also have their clothes changed after all the messy fun, outdoor exploration and fun the babies/infants get up to on a daily basis.

  • All rooms use MyNurseryPal App, allowing you to login and see how your child is enjoying their day.
  • All rooms are aromatherapy diffused, encouraging calm, reducing stress in our little ones and encourage sleep times in designated cot rooms.