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After-school Room

4-11 years old

After-School Room, Primary School Age

The aim of afterschool is to provide a fun, relaxing and stimulating “den” for those chilled out hours after a busy day at school. We offer the school and nursery school collections using our own nursery vehicles and this is a valued part of our service. The children in the afterschool room love to be involved in the planning and routine of the room and bring their ideas to life.

Afterschool staff offer help and guidance with homework when the children arrive in from school. The daily day of the afterschool room includes, meeting new friends through play and other areas. The room layout consists of art time, where the children get to explore materials and create their own works of art. The children in the afterschool room love to experiment and explore so science experiments are a fantastic way to nurture this.

The quiet moments are also important when there is so much fun and adventure and so afterschool’s quiet corner with beanbags and pillows creates the perfect environment to rest and recharge ready for more fun.

The outdoors for afterschool is a large open area with climbing equipment, football nets, outdoor sand and water areas, large swings and planting section so there is never a quiet moment. It is always a hit with the children as it gives them the opportunity to work as a team and create games as well as developing and strengthening their friendships and of course stretching those legs out.

There is always a wide selection of toys, games and technology available throughout the day in afterschool and the children are encouraged to work together in choosing what to play with and influential in the activities to develop their growing independence.

During the school holidays afterschool transforms into a fun hub of action and adventure. The children get to go out on regular trips and outings to the farm, the beach, indoor play areas to name a few. The holidays are made their own as they help create their weekly plans and ideas, so they can make the most of their time off school.

There is never a dull or boring moment in the afterschool room, just fun, intrigue and adventure.

  • All rooms use MyNurseryPal App, allowing you to login and see how your child is enjoying their day.
  • All rooms are aromatherapy diffused, encouraging calm, reducing stress in our little ones and encourage sleep times in designated cot rooms.